Care Instructions

 If you’re investing in Koukla swimwear, here's how you care for it to keep it lasting Summer after Summer.. 

Treat your swimwear like you would any other piece of clothing, if not better. It's subject to much  more wear and tear and it's continuously exposed to the sun, chlorine, spas and the sea so you need to take good care.

What to avoid
Being swimwear its almost impossible to keep it out of the sun, but what we do recommend to reduce the colours from fading is to try avoid excessive exposure to light, sun and chlorine - ocean or saltwater pools. Avoid rough surfaces also by placing a towel down before sitting to keep the fabric smooth and minimise any damage. 

Always rinse thoroughly after use with fresh cold water and leave it to dry flat in the shade to keep it in top form. When storing swimwear, we suggest folding it and storing back in the drawstring bag it arrived in,as hanging is unnecessary and can cause it to stretch.